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There is no doubt that today’s business world requires professionals to
have effective analytical thinking skills, because the enjoyment of
these skills will ensure the long-term strategic value of their
institutions, although the complexity of the problems they face can
vary; however, a systematic approach increases the chances of a
successful solution to her.

This course focuses on the art and science of mastering complex data
processing by employing effective analytical skills. However, data
analysis and conclusion is only half way to solve the problem. The
solution is only complete when decision makers are absorbed and
supported. Others to follow appropriate procedures based on empirical
analysis that ensures proper institutional decisions.

What Will I Learn?

  • Application of methodologies and methods adopted in problem solving
  • Analyze problems and build on decision-making data
  • Identify, evaluate and summarize relevant information
  • Reach a wide range of potential solutions
  • To reach objective and justified decisions in line with available information
  • Display results systematically to maximize impact


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