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and service organizations need to develop maintenance management due to the
rapid technological developments and the emergence of modern equipments and
facilities that have contributed to the timely delivery of goods and services.
The maintenance techniques to be used to deal with emergency stops are
complicated by the high technology of the equipment On the one hand, and the
lack of information on the appropriate maintenance policy on the other, in
addition to the tendency of developed countries to prefer the replacement of
equipment and equipment rather than bear the cost of maintenance, to encourage
the continuation of the process of production and to achieve Unlike what is the
winnings in place in developing countries, increasing so the absence of
quantitative methods in the management of maintenance operations. The Euromatic
program aims to demonstrate the importance of developing maintenance
management, whether it is to analyze the performance of operational excellence,
to analyze the performance of maintenance management, to achieve development
and integration between maintenance and the quality of operational excellence

What Will I Learn?

  • Foundations of measuring and improving the efficiency of maintenance management
  • Methods of planning and analyzing operation and maintenance data
  • Application of quality systems in operations and maintenance
  • performance management in the maintenance department
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of maintenance management systems and operational excellence
  • The importance of risk-based maintenance planning


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