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The main objectives of the planning department and maintenance schedule
are to ensure the availability of assets and credibility at the lowest
cost, as planning and scheduling activities in the maintenance
department are a reference point for all work orders.
If these activities are planned incorrectly, this will negatively impact the maintenance management process.
If the work orders are issued by the maintenance planners and
implemented correctly, this is reflected positively on the performance
of the maintenance department.

This course uses a mix of interactive techniques, hands-on
presentations, brief presentations, and individual and group exercises
based on actual maintenance scenarios.
That this course is accredited, the participants are subject to a test on the last day.

What Will I Learn?

  • Apply the latest concepts and techniques for planning, scheduling and controlling maintenance effectively
  • Project management techniques to manage key maintenance and shutdown activities
  • Understand how to maintain optimal inventory levels for spare parts to ensure operational availability
  • Prepare correct key performance indicators to assess and improve maintenance performance in their departments
  • Selection of Capital Budget Techniques to Evaluate Capital Maintenance Expenses
  • Connect and communicate with others to achieve desired goals


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