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دليل المتدرب



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Because of its importance and growing, corporate governance and risk
management have attracted the attention of business schools and

There are many different models of corporate governance and risk
management, but all are designed to effectively regulate the
relationship between the company and stakeholders and control risks.

More importantly, “governance, risk management, compliance and
effective internal controls” are all part of a single system, but not
all institutions look at it.

This session includes discussions on the structure and functions of the
Board and Committees, with detailed coverage of the risk management
process in accordance with COSO.

In addition, the session includes the discussion of internal controls
used to respond to risks in various areas of the institution and the
subject of compliance and its developments.

What Will I Learn?

  • Defining corporate governance and its relationship to risk management and internal controls
  • Discuss the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in the private or public organization
  • Incorporate corporate governance functions and distinguish between different models
  • Identify areas of risk management and internal and external environmental changes
  • Identify appropriate controls to be implemented in several business cycles


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