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Brands are the ones through which companies distinguish their products to make them competitive. The brand is created by choosing a unique name, presentation and design, and exceeding customer expectations by offering exciting offers. This course covers all the competencies needed to build a strong brand, evaluate its performance and market perceptions, and separate the role of brand management in the strategic marketing process, consumer adoption process processes, different types of brand strategies, different types of branding strategies and indicators of brand strategy disruptions.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify brands and understand the opportunities and challenges they face in a highly competitive business environment.
  • Planning and drawing a brand in a way that reflects the promise of the brand and expectations of its most important customers.
  • Build a strategic brand to be able to track growth and sustainability using search operations.
  • Explore their brand and brand identity to build consistent and sustainable brands.
  • Identify different business strategies in order to achieve sound actions in line with existing and new markets and products.
  • Control the process of conducting a full brand audit to assess brand performance and take corrective action.


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