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Civil 3D is designed to design and calculate the quantities of drilling,
filling and quantity of layers. This course is designed according to the
engineering specifications. The course aims at providing the trainees with the
most important skills and knowledge necessary for the professional use of the
AutoCAD program and the knowledge of all its tools, In this course, the
trainees will be able to deal with satellite imagery from the Google Earth
program and introduce them to the AutoCAD program and can also deal with the
lifting points. The course will focus on how long and cross-sectional sections
of the road are used, how to define the coordinate system and how to print,
export and export the results of quantities

What Will I Learn?

  • Introducing the user interface for AutoCAD 3D.
  • Road planning and design by road longitudinal design as well as cross section and vertical and horizontal curves.
  • Learn to create area lift points, point sets, and work with survey numbers.
  • Learn to create, modify, view, and analyze surfaces and charts.
  • Design of sites and roads as well as cross sections of layers.
  • Construction of sections of structures, corridors and intersections, in addition to the work of longitudinal and transverse sections of the road.


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