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The alignment of business activities with the organization’s vision and strategy is essential to ensure operational excellence.
But to say this is easier than doing, because this will require
specific processes to communicate objectives clearly to all
stakeholders, as well as a specific system to monitor the organization’s
performance against strategic objectives from all perspectives.

The Balanced Scorecard, developed by Dr. Robert Kaplan (Harvard
Business School) and Dr. David Norton, ensures that the above
requirements are met.

In this practical session, after delivering Balanced Scorecard elements
(Vision, Mission, Goals, Goals, Key Performance Indicators, Digital
Targets and Initiatives), participants will have the opportunity to
create a Balanced Scorecard for a virtual institution using a
step-by-step supported model.

The knowledge gained from this course will enable participants to
review or develop a balanced scorecard for their department or

What Will I Learn?

  • Explain Benefits to an Enterprise-Focused Strategy (SFO)
  • Develop SWOT analysis, vision, mission and strategic goals for their department or organization
  • Use Smart SMART goals and key performance indicators to track performance and productivity at all levels in their organization
  • Apply a technology approach The best criterion for setting numerical targets for each performance indicator
  • Design a balanced performance card based on the Kaplan and Norton model


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