Training package In Basic skills of supervision and leadership of others – Material Drive


The training program will cover a variety of topics that will focus on the study and study of the behavioral patterns and the subordination of subordinates for creative supervision, the fundamentals and elements of effective supervisory leadership, the fundamentals of motivating the subordinates, Understanding the different roles within the team, the principles of praise and performance appraisal, and leadership skills in innovation and entrepreneurship.

What Will I Learn?

  • Building and developing the skills of innovation and leadership that achieve excellence through a set of possible strategies that help to raise the efficiency of the various activities of the institution
  • Define the elements necessary to achieve excellence and effective strategies to achieve leadership excellence
  • Identify staff needs and effectiveness in motivation and supervisor role in improving the work environment
  • Identify administrative responsibilities and describe different types of supervisors and their impact on management effectiveness
  • Knowledge of best practices and modern methodologies in typical supervisory performance.
  • Defining and describing the various tasks and leadership styles, administrative functions and the role of leadership in each administrative function
  • Focusing attention on the leading role in supervision and constructive guidance for excellence management systems with a positive and ethical role as a cornerstone in the work of corporate leaders

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