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  • In
    a time when information is bursting, knowledge is bursting, instant
    communication has dominated, and monopolies have been reinvented …
    there is no real added value except in human resources, and what talent,
    innovation and organization can bring to it, but also courteousness,
    smile and joy.
    We can “order from Google” any order, download design and display innovations, introduce audio and video effects, etc. The
    sincere smile on the employee’s gap and enthusiasm and rush and
    willingness to serve, they are Faisal sticks to tradition or import.

What Will I Learn?

  • A review of the principles and standards of talent management and ways to develop them
  • Identify scientific and practical indicators for talent discovery in organizations
  • Exchange experiences and experiences to explore best practices in talent management
  • Demonstrate how to upgrade the methodology and training processes, while ensuring quality control
  • Discuss the most important challenges facing talent management in the Arab world and ways to address them
  • Identify the most important tools and technology that contribute to the training and development of employees, leaders and students and develop their talents
  • Demonstrate best practices in talent management and development locally and globally
  • To highlight the importance of linking talent management to career paths, competencies and job placement
  • Presentation of ways to embrace talent and maintain human competencies in organizations

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