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Prokon program is one of the most important structural design programs to be
used for the design of concrete buildings and the dimensions of elements such
as panels, columns, foundations, walls and dimensions of iron. The program is
one of the most used programs in engineering offices in Jordan because of its
ability to design any component without the need to analyze all elements of the

What Will I Learn?

  • Design of concrete buildings and dimensions of elements such as panels, columns, foundations, walls as well as dimensions of iron space depending on the Jordanian code as well as the American Council ACI.
  • Design any component without having to analyze all the building elements.
  • Learn the most important skills to design all the structural elements and design and determine the dimensions and area of ​​iron and steel sections that were designed by the program.
  • Learn the elements of the structural plans of columns, bridges and others.
  • Calculation of loads and the design of the node, bridges and columns in all its forms as well as rules and retaining walls.
  • Analysis of steel structures and drawing of all structural details using the AutoCAD program.


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