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Business English course is designed to provide trainees with the most important
skills and practices to write clear, effective and professional business
documents in English, including e-mail, notes, internal and external letters
and reports. It also aims to provide them with a systematic approach to writing
to make communication and writing easier and more professional and guide the
reader through content. The course focuses on the appropriate grammar of the
level, provides vocabulary for different fields of work, and teaches students
the finer points in business ethics and business correspondence, as well as
enhancing the skills of writing methods such as exposition, confidence and
professionalism in the writing and drafting of written material on a regular
and clear basis

What Will I Learn?

  • • Assist trainees to learn the real language skills needed to deal with real life situations, as well as develop their English language skills, train them and encourage them to read, write and converse fully.
  • Understanding and mastering the numbering and spelling techniques required for technical writing.
  • Developing the technique of trainees in technical and technical writing.
  • Understand different types of audience and target groups.
  • Distinguish between British and American English.


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