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In today’s world, where digital technology is becoming more and more dependent , enterprises that instill a strong information-centric culture with the ability to identify, manage and benefit from their assets will ultimately outperform their competitors. To achieve this, individuals must be able to draw the analysis they need to improve their field of work. Business Intelligence or not the Business Intelligenc E is a term that can recognize it easily in the field of business and management, a combination of restructuring, databases, tools, applications and different methodologies, aims of the Business IntelligenceTo provide all the possibilities that help managers in the analysis process, so as to take the best administrative decisions in the most appropriate time. It is an integrated set of technologies and tools designed to analyze data and explore knowledge that contributes to enhancing the ability of decision makers in institutions and companies and enhances its strategic planning and management capabilities. 

What Will I Learn?

  • General process of data analysis
  • Introduction to advanced analysis and data mining
  • Data recognition
  • Mechanisms of interpretation of data with graphs
  • Preparation of data for analysis and prospecting
  • Importance of data preparation for analysis and prospecting

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