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programming course was designed using the C ++ programming language to
familiarize participants with procedural programming using C ++, as well as to
expand their knowledge of problems encountered by programmers during code
checking or code completion. There is no doubt that C ++ programming is
important for those working in IT, whether as developers or managers, because
they will be able to write programming efficiently, effectively communicate
with colleagues and understand and improve their organization’s software
development processes

What Will I Learn?

  • Application of basic techniques related to mathematical operation and mathematical adaptation in C ++ programming.
  • Choose the appropriate data type to view and represent the data.
  • Write C ++ programs that use if, switch, conditional operator and repeat (while, do while, for).
  • Write C ++ programs that use serialization files for input and output as well as C ++ programs that use tasks to transfer control.
  • Write C ++ programs that use arrays, including sorting and searching for these arrays.
  • Write C ++ programs that use cursors as well as learn how to solve programming problems using C ++.


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