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Quantitative Survey or Quantitative Survey aims to enable trainees to undertake
various calculations of material quantities and project work, to calculate
construction costs and project evaluation, to enhance their knowledge of
international standards, to enable participants to read, understand and create
architectural and construction plans for buildings, , Contract management and
procurement. In addition to covering the basic management concepts that should
be known to civil engineers, especially those who work as site engineers

What Will I Learn?

  • To learn the concepts of quantitative survey and site drilling work and to perform various calculations of quantities of materials and projects.
  • Calculation of the amount of excavation works and the limitation of the amount of landfill as well as calculation of construction costs and evaluation of projects.
  • Calculation of the excavation works, the quantities of concrete for foundations, and the amount of reinforcing steel for the pillars and connecting columns.
  • Calculation of concrete and reinforced concrete for columns and walls of the building.
  • Calculation of concrete quantities, reinforcement and hollow block of building panels.
  • To enhance participants' knowledge of international standards.


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