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Professionals of public or private companies realize more than ever
that what can be measured can be accomplished and what can be
accomplished can be rewarded.

The course aims at providing participants with the knowledge of input
and output translation into results through a series of case studies and
workshops, and helps participants learn and apply the fundamentals of
strong performance indicators that are developed in all functions and at
all levels.

Many case studies and statistics have shown that achieving strategic
and operational objectives achieves a higher level of success when
measured against the correct key performance indicators and ensures that
they are used to measure progress towards the goal effectively.

At this session, participants will explore the world of KPIs, their
types and uses, and how they relate to every aspect of their business.

Participants will master the step-by-step approach to ensure that key
performance indicators and performance boards or cards are properly
developed and monitored to raise key performance indicators for their
immediate managers.

What Will I Learn?

  • Designing a performance measurement system using the knowledge gained in KPIs
  • Analysis and development Key performance indicators related to stakeholders and customers
  • Evaluate and develop the most important KPIs to drive internal quality and productivity
  • Effective management of the measurement of key performance indicators at all stages
  • Employ tools to ensure the successful implementation of the KPI project


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