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Accounting and management of fixed assets is a core function of any organization. The fixed assets of enterprises are their main resources used in production and the creation of future profits. This course will discuss the administrative and accounting methods for these assets based on the PAS55 General Standards. This course will include 28 points of those criteria that help promote the employment of fixed assets, which are divided into: fixed asset policy, Management plans, performance evaluation, improvement and management review. The management and accounting of fixed assets covers all operations of fixed assets from inception, acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal or disposal. The management side also includes decision making tools such as NPV, IRR, and budget comparison tools used to decide whether assets should be acquired, replaced or renewed.

What Will I Learn?

  • Apply the 28-point requirements to establish a long-term asset management system in accordance with PAS 55 and ISO 55000
  • Ability to properly classify and measure fixed assets and intangible assets in accordance with IFRS
  • Accounting management and reporting of operations during asset life
  • Knowledge of accounting rules and depreciation and depreciation of long-term assets
  • Valuation of investments and fixed assets according to NPV, IRR and other methods
  • asset Management


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