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This course, accredited by the UK’s Chartered Institute for Logistics
and Transportation (CILT), focuses on the operational aspects of school
bus management and passenger transport. The transfer of students and
passengers plays a key role in meeting societal requirements for
mobility and communication. Efficient and efficient service in terms of
time, cost and level of service, as well as the need to comply with
security and safety restrictions.

This course begins with a focus on the purpose of the school buses and
the means of transportation of passengers and their objectives, and then
describes the inspection, inspection and monitoring of vehicles in
detail, and provide practical tips and techniques and models, and the
course explains the different aspects of transport operations,
especially on the identification of routes and timetables for trips, On
security and safety standards in operations management. The course
concludes with a detailed explanation and the elements that affect the
operational cost of transportation.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop a list of operational objectives for school buses and passenger transport
  • Manage vehicle inspection, inspection and control to verify compliance with government laws and regulations
  • Planning the implementation of the transportation of students and passengers with effective management of time, cost, level of service and compliance with the rules of security and safety
  • Implement security and safety programs in transporting students and passengers to secure transport operations
  • Implement operational cost management strategies to improve financial performance


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