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In this digital age all institutions of different levels of business must maintain accurate data. Massive data is a change factor that challenges organizational leaders. Using them effectively, they provide accurate business models and expectations to support better decision-making throughout the organization. This course provides participants with the data needed to stay efficient, effective and at the forefront. Participants also learn why, where and how to employ techniques and methodologies to analyze large and gigantic data.

What Will I Learn?

  • Explain the benefits, functions and ecosystem of large data
  • Intensive data leadership initiative within the enterprise and generating organizational value through the adoption of data analytics
  • Build teams of analysts of large, close data by defining the basic roles of data specialists
  • Apply advanced analysis methodologies to improve business process and solve complex business problems
  • Use free applications, sources, and open data to deliver ideas that generate a competitive organizational advantage
  • Planning of large data projects


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