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The army was a pioneer in preventive maintenance as a means of increasing the reliability of naval vessels.
When resources are spent on the maintenance activities of the equipment
designer, the reliability and reliability of the equipment increases.
Consequently, more money is being made available compared to the cost of the automatic maintenance program. Studies indicate that these savings may average up to 12% to 18%.
Depending on the current maintenance practices of the facility, the
reliability of existing equipment, and the stop of the facility, there
is no doubt that many facilities rely exclusively on automatic
By implementing appropriate preventive maintenance programs, they can provide more than 18%.

This course provides participants with an in-depth understanding of
preventive and predictive maintenance practices; also covers a better
number of practice techniques such as total productive maintenance,
centralized reliability of maintenance, situation monitoring, failure
analysis and impact analysis, and root cause analysis of failure.

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop, implement and supervise preventive and predictive maintenance programs
  • Apply the latest technology and management techniques from leading facilities and maintenance management practices
  • Improve the effectiveness of maintenance, using advanced techniques and methods, to save time, money and resources
  • Prevent and reduce equipment failure, and work to improve equipment efficiency and reliability in general
  • Reduce downtime and increase enterprise profit


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