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The most effective types of learning initiatives are those designed to
bridge the gap between the current performance level and the desired
results, because they positively and directly affect business outcomes.
To achieve this impact, this course provides a practical and interactive
approach to the principles of designing and implementing educational
programs within the context of environments Professional work, and seeks
to translate learning theories into practical initiatives that allow
learners to achieve improvement and support the teacher by telling them
what to focus on while delivering educational content, thus facilitating
the role of those responsible for training and development programs
And the implementation of the recommendations of the best educational solutions.
This course follows a practical and interactive approach, enabling
participants to master the necessary skills in all aspects and stages of
learning design in the work environment.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify elements of learner-centered learning environment and explain principles of instructional design.
  • Analyze gaps in performance, identify appropriate learning objectives for learners, and develop a learning project management plan.
  • Formulate a vision for learning and then strive to achieve it step-by-step through a learning journey that includes inventory of tasks and activities, strategies for testing and evaluation, and tools for measuring investment return for learning.
  • Designing appropriate educational content, selecting educational activities, learning media, and designing learning materials for both the instructor and learners.
  • To guide the implementation of the tutorial through the preparation of learners and trainers and the use of effective planning and communication tools.
  • Knowledge of learning assessment tools and strategies, and develop an evaluation plan that allows for future analysis and improvement.


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