Training Package In Certified Business Development Specialist – Matrial Drive


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This course focuses on the tools and techniques needed to develop a new
business, which is key to improving sales and profit performance.

The course also addresses ways to maximize profitability for the
company by strengthening relationships with potential people and key
decision makers in the market.

Business development professionals will acquire everything they need to
create and implement promotional campaigns to promote their market
opportunities and design innovative options to increase sales.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify key functions and best practices in business development
  • Recognize the importance of redefining business processes to suit changing market and customer requirements
  • Sales marketing clearly and distinctly to calm competition (proposed value or offer)
  • Design and use of financial ratios and key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of operations
  • Use leadership, negotiation techniques and effective presentations to take advantage of their business and lead the client accounts team successfully


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