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Switch Settings helps you move to an advanced step in professional planning,
implementation, verification, and troubleshooting in local enterprise networks
and work on security, wireless, audio and video solutions

CCNP SWITCH focuses on network design analysis, implementation and
implementation of VLANs within the network, implementation of extended tree
protocol, virtual network routing (VLAN) over a local network, implementation
of highly available technologies using advanced multilayered networks across
the network, application of network security features This course offers a
combination of theoretical and practical training and practice under the
supervision of an internationally accredited network trainer to provide them
with the practical experience required to work with the technologies available
in laboratories equipped with the latest advanced technology

What Will I Learn?

  • Description of the network diagram, the fundamentals of SWITCH operations, and the use of SDM, PoE, and LLDP templates.
  • VLANs implementation, Trunk trunk protocol, VTP protocol explanation, DHCP implementation in the IPv6 IPv6 IPv6 IPv6 configuration environment, and port assembly point configuration.
  • Implement and improve STP protocol mechanism that fit the network - + PVSTP or + RPVSTP or MSTP.
  • Configure routing on a multilayered switch.
  • Configure NTP, SNMP, IP SLA, port mirroring, StackWise, and VSS protocols.
  • Perform First Hop replication in IPv4 and IPv6 Internet Protocol environments.


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