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Training departments are responsible for organizations that focus on
developing staff knowledge and skills to meet current and future
business needs.

Being in charge of the training department requires you to understand a
number of concepts such as management, strategy, policy, budgeting,
evaluation and technology.

The Certified Training Manager course covers such important topics and
provides participants with the knowledge and tools to meet the growing
and growing requirements of the training function.

What Will I Learn?

  • Describe the main roles and responsibilities of the training department
  • Develop training department objectives, key results areas and key performance indicators
  • Develop a comprehensive training strategy that includes training policies, procedures and training plans
  • Describe important steps in developing and managing training budgets
  • Determine the methods of evaluating the training function
  • Conducting a feasibility analysis of training activities
  • Prepare the business requirements for the Learning Management System (LMS) and mention the necessary system selection steps


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