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The Corporate Warehouse Manager (CWM) is one of the most prestigious
and prestigious certificates in the world, and is well received by an
elite group of experienced warehouse and warehousing professionals who
carry out warehousing and warehouse management tasks Mainly in the
course of their day-to-day work. They provide warehouse and warehousing
services through the latest assets and methods of warehouse and
warehouse management that modern science has reached.

What Will I Learn?

  • Providing the scientific bases and rooting the applied practices in the planning, execution and control of the work of the purchasing departments and stores
  • Provide participants with the skills of planning and organizing materials and warehouses, warehouse control and inventory management
  • Provide participants with the skills to develop their purchasing processes and improve storage procedures according to ISO 9001 quality standards
  • Provide participants with the necessary expertise and experience in improving and developing procurement and warehousing
  • Principles of procurement and warehouse management
  • Planning and organizing procurement and warehouse management in accordance with ISO requirements
  • Stages of internal and external procurement procedures
  • Warehouse management and inventory control systems
  • Evaluate and improve warehouse management performance

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