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course consists of several topics, the most important of which are the skills
of classroom management, the development of teachers ‘awareness of classroom
management styles, how to reach the preferred pattern among these types of
classroom management, and the increase in teachers’ awareness of the qualities
of teachers estimated by students. Activating the classroom as one of the
effective means of managing the classroom and increasing the learning
opportunities of the students, in addition to the implementation of the course
in the form of training and direct application with the trainer

What Will I Learn?

  • Enable participants to prepare lessons and plan classroom management.
  • Enable teacher access skills in the new lesson.
  • Enables the teacher to efficiently adjust the system within the classroom.
  • Enable participants to distinguish motivation, attentiveness and communication skills accurately.
  • Enable participants to distinguish the relationship between active (active) learning and classroom management accurately, as well as the design and management of educational activities.
  • Assess the importance of effective learning and management in improving learning.


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