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The skills of building and managing relationships and communicating correctly and effectively are an essential part of the success of any organization or individual. The two institutional competencies are critical to the health and prosperity of institutions and individuals. In this course, we look at these competencies through a practical approach to building a long-term network. This course provides a strong foundation for building relationships and communicating with others in the right way, from organizing ideas, analyzing them, and connecting them to building successful and meaningful relationships. Participants get the chance to discover and apply many talents before returning to their work. They will also learn about the impact of those who have relationships in enhancing communication, career and life, as well as opening channels of communication and speeding up the flow of information within the organization and winning the support of people and achieving the goals and desired results.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the role of trust in building successful relationships
  • Identification, analysis and involvement of stakeholders - power / benefit matrix
  • Identify the context role when communicating and building relationships with others
  • Finding, identifying and capturing opportunities to build linkages that achieve long-term relationships and satisfactory outcomes for both sides
  • Developing, managing and nurturing relationships - moving from superficial relationships to health and transformation relationships
  • Expanding the horizons for success and impact for networks and exploiting them in the right way


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