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study and understanding of the extra pressure resulting from the drilling of
wells is important and necessary for both the safety of wells and the cost of
drilling for these wells. It is not always possible to predict the presence of
excessive pressure prior to the start of the drilling process, which may result
in the design of the well not within the normal pressure limits, resulting in
financial loss due to the cost of redesigning the drilling operations as well
as the time lost to control the well or handling the unstable wells. Prediction
and knowledge of the form of configuration and configuration pressure during
the design stage helps in the improvement of drilling operations as well as the
design of these processes at the lowest possible cost and maximum safety for
the workers

What Will I Learn?

  • Study and understand the importance of predicting the pressures arising during the drilling of oil wells.
  • Studying the effects of forming pressure on drilling operations.
  • Understanding the basics of geomechanics.
  • Compute excessive pressure and stress, as well as understand the mechanisms of excess pressure zones.
  • Studying the qualitative tools used to detect formation and formation pressure during drilling.
  • Learn the fractional and crack coefficient calculations in addition to factors that affect the size of the fracture.


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