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course aims at preparing and qualifying participants to pass the Comptia
Security + exam. The course presents the various topics in the field of
security and protection of computers and networks as well as the extent of
network security related to other areas of information technology. This course
also provides extensive information and knowledge needed to prepare for further
studies on specialized security areas, as well as general introduction in this
area. Upon completion of the course, participants are expected to be able to
identify security threats to computer networks, strengthening internal systems
and services as well as equipment and services delivery in the network, ensure
the security of communications in the network infrastructure secure commercial
transactions management, enforce policy for the security of computers and
network in the organization , As well as monitoring the security
infrastructure. The course covers the following topics: General security
concepts to cover (access control, authentication, protocols

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify security threats to computer networks.
  • Strengthening of internal systems and services in addition to network devices and services.
  • Ensuring network security in the network.
  • Manage secure business infrastructure.
  • Enforcement of a computer and network security policy in the organization.
  • Monitoring security infrastructure.


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