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The large size of the institutions and the increase of their services and the scientific and technical progress led to the emergence of specialization in the various works and the widening circle of relations between the members of society and institutions, and therefore emerged the importance of the so-called management of offices and secretarial executive is the art of using individuals and tools and data available in the establishment to make it work and achieve its desired goals. How to become a successful office manager or a modern executive secretary? Qualifications required? Specifications and advantages required? Functional functions?

What Will I Learn?

  • Knowledge of management concepts and modern secretarial principles.
  • Providing participants with international expertise and practices in various areas of modern secretarial.
  • To sensitize the participants to the modern concepts of the modern secretariat in the era of knowledge engineering, and the new skills and abilities to be available in the modern office manager.
  • Provide the participants with the skills and skills of the crisis to master their professional duties to support and support the senior management in order to achieve the objectives of the establishment.


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