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In order to improve and develop the work done in organizations, increase productivity, it is necessary to understand how to manage their operations. This course focuses on defining the need to use the operations model and how to accomplish this using a skill set, with a focus on flow mapping as a graphic representation based on the graphic to illustrate the order of operations and analysis as part of a larger framework for achieving the highest quality through business management and improvement. Basic mapping processing, and critical success factors to make it a successful effort through the sustainable improvement of your operations. The course provides the practical framework for understanding and using the operational model and describes how to continuously develop and improve the different types of operations.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the value of managing and optimizing BPMI processes and key concepts of process analysis, and typical flow mapping and value for your business and clients.
  • For typical flow mapping and selecting the best model for your business you can define continuous improvement points
  • Produce business process models at the right level of detail to help with analysis, reading and understanding at all levels of the organization
  • Learn the best methods of continuous and sustainable improvement, and accurately measure and analyze the overall operations and work activities throughout the organization
  • Propose practical improvements to effectively manage the organization, redesign improved processes and provide appropriate documentation for the process and mission
  • Select the appropriate performance indicators to understand the extent to which the desired outcome of the process is achieved and the desired outcome of the process to achieve the desired impact
  • Assessing the potential response to changes in processes and managing change within the organization


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