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The principle of corporate social responsibility is to support
communities and people without expecting a material return. This
principle is demonstrated when companies support social issues of
interest to society.
But the difficulty lies in balancing the provision of support to the community and the benefit of business at the same time.
This course, which focuses on the methods, tools and practices of
corporate social responsibility, also discusses ethical principles, the
principles of communication and the challenges facing the company’s
application of the principle of social responsibility.

What Will I Learn?

  • Explain the historical concepts and the four parts of Carol Caroll's definition of CSR
  • Identify the importance of CSR to the public and private sectors
  • Know the rapprochement between professional ethics, CSR and corporate governance
  • Clarifying developments in the concept of corporate social responsibility
  • Apply the ten rules for effective communication of CSR to achieve the desired results
  • Create a competitive advantage by identifying the various challenges facing CSR


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