Training Package In Course approved in the Green Belt for Six Sigma and Lean of the American Society of Quality – Matrial Drive


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If you want to learn a new methodology that provides your company with millions of dollars, this course is designed for you!

The Six Sigma methodology is a systematic application whose focus is on
achieving significant financial results and increasing customer
satisfaction. When used accurately on selected projects, this
methodology leads to a significant reduction or reduction of inefficient
operations, control and identify and eliminate the causes of defects
and errors resulting in significant professional gains Institutions.

The course also provides participants with Six Sigma and Lean concepts.
The participants learn the different stages of the methodology: from
definition, measurement, analysis, development and monitoring (DMAIC)
using realistic examples of companies from different fields.
Participants also learn how to identify aspects of project improvement
to increase customer satisfaction and reduce This course also focuses on
preparing participants to apply Lean principles and practices and Six

The Green Belt is a leader in the operations of stakeholders involved
in certain improvement processes, and often does not require strict
statistical systems such as the black belt.

This training course is centered and specialized and provides participants with rich knowledge through 5 days of training.

What Will I Learn?

  • Development and planning for the application of Six Sigma methodology
  • Application of Six Sigma (DMAIC) Performance Improvement Model Principles
  • Studying the various elements of implementing an integrated improvement project
  • Develop statistical hypotheses using simple statistical tools
  • Use quality tools to solve problems related to optimization projects
  • Reducing errors and defects by applying Lean and Six Sigma
  • Collect, analyze and quantify data that helps improve processes
  • Employment of statistical analysis using statistical programs and tools


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