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British Academy for Training and Development provides a course for
formulating goals and developing strategic plans for those who wish to
develop their skills in developing strategic plans and successful
management in companies and institutions.

or strategic plans is the science or art that is interested in shaping
and implementing interrelated functional decisions that enable the
organization to achieve the goals. It is based on integrating the
various functions of management, marketing, finance, production,
research and development, and information systems. The success of the
organization, the essence of strategic management can be in the art of
long-term planning, which aims to allocate resources to reach certain
goals, strategic management aims to prepare the organization’s message
and identify external opportunities and threats, work to identify the
strengths and
of the interior, working on long term goals, finding alternative
strategies, working on the strategies that are being pursued and
followed. The strategic plans identify the new areas of work that can be
entered, identify the activities that should be stopped in time, and
how Distribution of available materials, and thus become strategic
management and the development of plans are the most important reasons
for success in institutions and companies.

What Will I Learn?

  • What is strategic management?
  • Stages and activities of the strategic management process.
  • The close relationship between different levels of management and its stages.
  • Strategic management model and its relation to strategic planning.
  • Practical applications and possible situations.
  • Leadership and strategic planning process.
  • Strategic decisions needed to achieve all the objectives.


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