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British Academy for Training and Development offers a course on
management methods for the administrative assistant. This course is
intended for anyone who wishes to acquire the skills and experience to
become the administrative assistant.

administrative assistant is the broad function that requires the
recruitment of a person who provides various types of administrative
support to individuals and groups in commercial companies. The term
administrative assistant may be officially named or a general
description of the position of a staff member in an office depending on
the type of work done There are many variations to the descriptions that
fall under this role or function. Staff are provided with the name of
an administrative assistant who works in support of specific divisions
or teams in companies such as human resources, accounting, development,
sales and marketing.
debt is also the secretary or executive assistant who provides support
to all corporate executives or small executive groups. His
responsibilities usually include working on personal information in the
company and more personal or sensitive data than other employees.

What Will I Learn?

  • Administrative assistance is defined and important.
  • Modern methods in the function of administrative assistant.
  • Types of Administrative Assistant.
  • Jobs filled by Administrative Assistant.
  • Duties of the Administrative Assistant.
  • The importance of the administrative assistant for the success of the work of companies.
  • Decision-making skills for administrative assistant and office managers.
  • Skill writing reports.
  • Modern skills in supervision.


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