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It can be said that the development of governmental or private
institutions, improving performance and developing human resource
capabilities are among the basic objectives pursued by the institutions
through planned and deliberate change.

These institutions face today a range of challenges and threats related
to efficiency, effectiveness and profitability; as well as challenges
related to the renewable environment, high competition, globalization,
total quality, balanced performance, team building, attention to
creativity, excellence, customer satisfaction and ambition levels.

There is a challenge related to maintaining consistency between
organizational dimensions such as organizational culture, organizational
climate, strategic planning, the face of renewable technology, and the
information and knowledge revolution.

Institutions will be able to meet these challenges only through their
distinguished and creative human resources, which can lead our Arab
organizations and institutions to change, innovation, development,
leadership, excellence, standing in the first ranks, not the ranks of
the ordinary.

What Will I Learn?

  • Assist staff and managers of human resources management to judge the extent to which human resources contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the organization.
  • Identify the characteristics of the creators and the distinguished organizations that need to work.
  • Identify the human resources management system.
  • Identify the pillars on which HR managers are based.
  • Learn the skills of administrative excellence and evaluate and improve the results of work.
  • Why the imperative of excellence and improve the results of work.
  • Identify interviewing skills.


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