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We are constantly faced with problems that require decisions, most of these problems do not require any complex process to reach a decision such as: Are we hungry? Some other problems are more complex, such as deciding how to prioritize work tasks, understanding why actions fail and deciding what to do about them. This requires a rational approach to solving the problem, and often it may become Things are more complex and our decisions have an important impact on our lives, work or life around us, so you must have the ability to think critically and make sure that there is no defect in the logic that you have followed, and at other times the problem is so unusual that it is hard to think rational and critical, The times that the finding becomes Solutions to tool problems are priceless.

What Will I Learn?

  • Formation and development of decision-making, critical thinking and creative skills in problem solving
  • Apply logical and creative methods to solve problems and make decisions
  • Use traditional and creative tools to identify causes and find solutions
  • Use of creativity and horizontal thinking
  • To analyze the problems faced by the participants in the work and to present actual solutions to them


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