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As a result of cybercrime and cybercrime, legislators have been forced
to develop response requirements for operational incidents, digital
crime controls and procedures.
Data penetration also evolved more complex than the need for strong internal electronic control.

This course enables participants to deal with and investigate internal
and external digital crimes and offenses and to implement robust
processes and procedures that enable the digital acquisition of images
and media from mobile devices and computers in line with proven
processes to secure identity materials

This course gives participants the opportunity to apply best practices to ensure the integrity of digital data.
The course also provides practical and realistic training supported by
academic and legal structures that form the basis of forensic science.

This course also covers SOC and CSIRT requirements and provides
participants with the skills they need in the digital investigation.

What Will I Learn?

  • Application of digital criminal medicine methodology in an operational environment
  • Develop a strategy to determine the response framework for digital criminal medicine
  • Conduct investigations into social media, malware and viruses
  • Scene management - from digital crime and digital and archaeological evidence
  • Investigate mobile technologies and other media that may carry identification and archaeological materials
  • Application of techniques to extract images from archaeological systems


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