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The law of information technology or the law of computer and the Internet is in fact a legal system for the computer and the Internet. It is the legal branch that represents the framework for the various issues related to the protection of computer data and the solutions and applications of information technology. Therefore, the holistic approach was to understand the reality and framework of the interactive relationship between law and information technology, The establishment of an agreed organization, an organization that ensures that it does not fall into its slippage, and that there is no negative impact on the elements of the existing legal system: justice, order, and effectiveness.

What Will I Learn?

  • What is the electronic document?
  • The meaning of the electronic document
  • The need to determine what an electronic document is
  • Differences of opinion in understanding the meaning of the ordinary document to the electronic document
  • Broad interpretation of the idea of ​​document and narrow interpretation of the document and compare them

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