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What is the common factor between the oil spill events in the British
Petroleum Company in 2010 and the disappearance of the Malaysian flight
H370 and the financial crisis of 2008?

The common factor is that they are all crises echoed all over the world
and dealing with them is a major challenge for their institutions.

We offer this course, which focuses on providing participants with
cognitive concepts that help them determine the impact of crises on
their institutions and the actions that should be taken to mitigate

The course also focuses on how to develop channels of communication to
respond quickly and effectively to crises and best practices in dealing
with the media.

Participants in this course will acquire best practices in crisis
communication management, situational analysis skills, risk assessment
and crisis management team responsibilities, protocols and resources to
be used in such cases as communication tools and crisis guides.

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the different types and characteristics of crises
  • Develop a list of different principles of crisis communication
  • Planning crisis management processes that seek to mitigate their potential impact on their institutions
  • Explain the benefits of media use in times of crisis
  • Assessment and prioritization of dimensions related to crisis communication management
  • Analyzing and interpreting the results of crisis communication management


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