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The top strategy of any activity is how to interact and retain customers in order to maximize their satisfaction and thus establish a long-term relationship with them. Therefore, CRM aims to improve the relationship with existing customers, find new future customers, and restore former customers. It is a set of integrated data-based solutions that improve the best business relationship to deal with your customers. This training program, CRM, provides a clear understanding of customer relationship management and its importance, and discusses the important transformations made by CRM, customer engagement policies, customer relationship management techniques, CRM-focused data, how to build CRM, and how to manage complaints. Customers.

What Will I Learn?

  • Basic concepts in customer oriented services
  • Elements of Effective Communication and Relationship Management
  • Professional skills to talk to the client
  • Managing customer expectations in organizations
  • Responding to customer objections
  • Manage customer complaints
  • Why customers complain
  • Types of customer objections

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