Training Package In Cycle of yellow belt adopted in hexagonal Sigma – Matrial Drive


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This course adopts Motorola’s famous method of identifying and solving problems in institutions.
The yellow belt level helps participants identify the development
locations of their institutions and apply a Six Sigma methodology to
their colleagues.

The course participants will learn about the quality tools and
statistics needed to help them identify problems and translate them into
a measurable form. They will also use specific tools to assess the
readiness of their organizations to launch Six Sigma Projects.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand the importance of quality models and identify different quality concepts and frameworks
  • Six Sigma discussion and its importance in improving work
  • Explain the role of Six Sigma in customer service and continuous improvement
  • Apply scientific approach (DMAIC) to problems (yellow belt level)
  • Statistical background study using Six Sigma projects
  • Comparison of various tools commonly used in hexagonal hexagram projects
  • Explain how to use Six Sigma and assess the readiness of the Foundation to launch successful Six Sigma projects


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