Training package In Daily Living – Healthy Eating Habits – Material Drive


Detailed nutrition plan to maintain a healthy weight, helpful skills to overcome the challenge of shopping for healthy foods and eating out, best cooking methods for reducing fat, salt and calories, and effective strategies to help measure appropriate serving sizes for snacks and during meals.

What Will I Learn?

  • Heathy Eating: Introducing Your Ideal Nutrition Plan
  • Healthy Eating: Practical Tips
  • Healthy Eating: Be Mindful About Your Food
  • Healthy Eating: Steps to Reach Your Goals
  • Healthy Eating: Obstacles
  • Healthy Eating: Challenges
  • Healthy Eating: Choosing A Variety of Foods
  • Healthy Eating: Portion Sizes of Meals and Snacks
  • Healthy Eating: Grains
  • Healthy Eating: Fruits and Vegetables

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