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Data governance and compliance are a decision-making and accountability
framework to encourage desirable behavior when assessing, creating,
storing, using, archiving and deleting information.

Processes, roles, standards and standards that ensure the effective use
of information in enabling the Organization to achieve its objectives.

The General Data Protection Act (GDPR) became law throughout Europe in
2018 and would lead to significant changes in the protection of privacy
and data around the world.

This course deepens knowledge in data management, data protection,
privacy and practical skills to help manage, plan, support, analyze and
deliver the increasing volume of data and information within their

The course covers international best practices, industrial systems,
legal requirements, information compliance, auditing and electronic
security standards.

More specifically, the course covers international best practices and
standards, including ISACA and ISO 8000 – international data management
standards, data and data analysis, data, data, data, reports, compliance
and data security based on ISO27001 in information security, MDM,
Metadata management and record management compliance.

What Will I Learn?

  • Understand how to manage data and information more efficiently and effectively within organizations to deal with threats and risks related to privacy, data protection and electronic security
  • Learn about data management policies, strategies and strategies to safely manage and manage business data and records
  • Develop action plans to manage compliance with information, auditing, legislation and regulations by reviewing information controls and managing their control
  • Develop and implement a data management project including routing roles and responsibilities, risk management and improving business processes
  • Data management towards international best practice ISACA, ISO 8000 - International data management standards, privacy and global e - security


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