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Managers are constantly faced with complex problem solving and critical decision making. If not handled properly, these problems can have negative impacts on the organization’s operations and profitability. This course provides managers with tools and techniques to ensure appropriate and durable solutions to problems and make the right decisions. Participants will learn how to develop the right way of thinking to find solutions to problems. This course also enables participants to understand, analyze and recognize the different types of problems, conduct in-depth root cause analysis and make the right decisions to find durable solutions. Participants will also discover that some problems can not be solved by rational thinking, but they need a different and more creative approach. This course will enhance the participants’ skill in generating ideas and enabling them to lead creative teams.

What Will I Learn?

  • Use the structural system to systematically address problems and decisions
  • Use key tools and techniques for analysis and problem solving
  • Carry out a root cause analysis of any problem
  • Clarify the use of different systems in decision making
  • Identify different ways of generating creative ideas that can be applied in the workplace


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