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course is designed to provide specialized and non-specialized managers and
engineers, as well as engineering students and graduates, with the basics and
methods of designing electrical works for buildings by defining and educating
the participants about the various fundamentals and skills of electrical work
design. The course is based on studying the various electrical systems and low
current systems and methods of controlling them. Earthing and its accessories
as well as learning the mechanism of calculating electrical loads, electrical
wiring in all areas, design and installation of distribution boards, cable
types and calculation of the area of ​​its section, as well as Design using
many computer programs. In addition, participants at the end of the course are
able to design electrical work for their own projects

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the nature of the work of contractors, design engineers and electricity.
  • Reading and preparing drawings and electrical drawings in addition to identifying standards and standards of materials.
  • Identify the steps of designing electrical works and preparing bids.
  • Study of electrical systems as well as low current systems of buildings such as lighting systems, grounding, and fire fighting.
  • Design using software such as DIALux, Furse, Ecodial, etc.


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