Training Package In Designing and analyzing financial data using Microsoft Excel – Matrial Drive


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The course will discuss the skills of dealing with spreadsheets such as MS Excel and database management programs such as MS Access

And how to use these programs in the development and design of
electronic accounting applications, as well as provide them with the
skills of how to use these programs in the analysis of accounting data
and information, and analysis of financial statements in order to assess
the financial performance and management of the facility, and the
provision of financial information that helps in the management
decisions, Financial Planning Design Planning Budgets.

And improve the skills of the application and support the experience of
participants and expand the horizons of their practice in the use of
computers for the purpose of raising the level of professional
performance of accounting work in various aspects.

What Will I Learn?

  • Implementation of the full cycle of accounting work
  • Analyzing, recording and summarizing the financial operations and preparing the final financial statements using the computer
  • Audit of outcome account items and financial statement items: audit program and evidence collection
  • Full workshop: Use of structured programs to review revenue items, expenses, assets and liabilities electronically prepared
  • Planning budget and preparation problems
  • Stages of current budget preparation criteria and procedures
  • Project Balancing and Survey Tasks Assessment of Investment Feasibility
  • Performance accounting Measurement, evaluation and planning for improvement


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