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An advanced training program that can be considered an ideal introduction to the world of sports management.
Where you will know how to manage the organizations working in the
field of sports correctly through real case studies and work through the
basic concepts and skills necessary to learn more about the strategic
and operational aspects of the management of sports institutions such as
clubs, youth rehabilitation centers and the role of sports care for
young people and other organizations and institutions The program
provides trainees with an overview of the different sports fields and
skills needed to succeed in this area of ​​management, from stadium
management to the production of sports memorabilia and the management of

The specialization in sport management gives students a comprehensive
understanding of the dynamic issues and practices of sport management.
The online training course is conducted through interactive online

What Will I Learn?

  • Provide you with the basic concepts of sport management and basic tools for managing operations in companies and sports institutions.
  • Understanding the environment in which sports organizations operate and the operations of institutions and their functional areas and tools for analysis.
  • Get a basic vision of strategic management from a business perspective.
  • Knowledge, understanding and application of basic concepts in sport management.
  • People wishing to complete their education with a course in sports management.
  • Former athletes wishing to receive specialized training in the management of sports operations.
  • Who work in a commercial and / or sporting environment and wish to have a better understanding of the management of the sport sector.
  • Sports lovers who want to know more about the management and management of sports institutions.

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