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The program aims to provide the trainees with practical skills and experience on human resources indicators and measurements. Participants recognize the importance of measuring key performance indicators, types and uses of these indicators, and how performance indicators can be measured. And the most important mistakes in which the director of human resources during the measurement of performance indicators. It also recognizes the features of the work environment that support the use of key performance indicators and the returns from their use

What Will I Learn?

  • Key Performance Indicators for Employment Recruitment the KPI's
  • Key Performance Indicators Training Training the KPI's
  • Key Performance Health and Safety indicators Safety the KPI's
  • Key Performance Indicators Performance Performance the KPI's
  • Key performance indicators of loyalty Employee Staff by loyalty the KPI's
  • Performance Indicators Home for working time : time the KPI's work
  • performance key indicators of the efficiency of HR efficiency the KPI's HR
  • key performance indicators for the compensation of the KPI's compensation
  • key performance indicators for labor relations relations the KPI's Labor
  • Alri performance indicators Seah for compliance with regulations Legal KPI's

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