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In the midst of the great and rapid development witnessed by the
institutions and the growing role in serving the society at all levels
of local, Gulf, Arab and international, and the importance of public
relations and management technology in view of the active role it plays
in providing institutions to the public and the public to institutions,
the public relations function has grown, Almost all institutions have
established departments, departments and organs that are supposed to do
this function – protocol, etiquette, protocols and the art of dealing
with VIPs under senior management and organizational development.

In the present age, the age of information and the digital society has
become increasingly important to the management of higher offices and a
role in public relations in the lives of individuals and communities.
However, public relations in the top management remained in the Arab
world. The Arab world suffers from a misunderstanding of its role in
public relations, And its strategic role in society, was confined to a
narrow circle of marginal roles, which consisted in arranging,
organizing and managing the higher offices administratively and not
formally, as in organizing and arranging transactions and some other
minor activities.

What Will I Learn?

  • Practice on tools to measure the different directions and activities of public relations and their relation to the plan.
  • Provide the participant with the rules for the success of the public relations plan and the art of dealing with VIPs.
  • Practice on the basic principles of etiquette, etiquette and legislation.
  • How to deal with different situations that require familiarity with the rules of transactions, and the official ceremonies.
  • Practice on steps to plan public relations activity and measure reaction and impact.
  • Knowledge and practice of the rules and principles of protocol and protocol and its applications in the field of public relations, knowledge of the arts and reception and farewell to visitors in official and informal events, and the development of behavioral skills in terms of greetings, acquaintance and courtesy.
  • Provide participants with knowledge and information on the methods of dealing with VIPs.


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