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, consumers, beneficiaries or dealers are one of the main reasons for
establishing an organization to meet their needs or solve problems by
providing a commodity, service, program or project.

Call them any customers – consumers – dealers … they are those people
who use your products and services that you provide them …. they
justify your salary and contribute to the profits of your company – how
can they be distinguished in their service ??

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify the shape of the new organizational pyramid in contemporary administrative thought and realize that the client comes in the presidency of this pyramid.
  • The realization that the customer desires, needs and expectations - is the real manager of the company and all the different levels of management in the company working under his chair to meet his needs and satisfy his desires.
  • Identify different types of customers or reviewers and understand their behavior and identify the keys to earning and dealing with them.
  • Recognize the importance of customer care and develop the benefits of supporting relationships with them and providing participants with customer care.
  • Provide participants with the behavioral skills necessary to effectively deal with customers.
  • Identify the concept, characteristics and types of services - and provide participants with some systems for selling services.
  • Training in outstanding service management techniques and skills.


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